Thursday, August 2

Retired in Pictures!

The third day after I retired we went to Blue Mesa for two months to fish, wow! I had never fished from a boat so it was a new experience for me, plus being gone from home for 2 months, which was a bit hard. It certainly is a different lifestyle to be retired; I don't set the alarm for 6:00am and I don't plan around a 5 day work week.The biggest blessing for me is that I am no longer responsible for all the jobs I did working at the bank; and I'm thankful to the Lord that He lifted that burden.

Colorado is beautiful, especially the mountains so it was a joy to see them again, to breathe in the cool mountain air, to watch and listen to the rivers rolling along (my favorite) and to catch some awesome Kokanee salmon. We will go back up soon to hunt for mushrooms. In the meantime..............

Grace and Peace!