Monday, November 14

Joe Dog!

My dog, his name is Joe and I call him Joe Dog Beckett! He is one of those dogs that is kinda ugly so it makes him really, really cute, you know the type. If I knew how to do pictures I would put one here so you could see him. We rescued him from the dog pound about 8 years ago and I love him a bunch.

He is really cute when I clip him, all except his face where I leave a mustache and big bushy eyebrows. He needs that right now for sure, but then he gets really cold and shivers during the night. Course he sleeps on the bed like all cute doggies should and so now that the electric mattress pad is on he is in seventh heaven.

He loves me too you see. He knows my car when it is a half a block away and my husband always knows I am almost home because Joe Dog gets all excited and runs to the door, even if he has been asleep. He follows me around the house and sits in the hall while I curl my hair and do my makeup in the mornings. He loves to take a nap with me on the couch, he snores with the best of them and kind of likes to hog all the room too. He never barks in the house, rarely outside ,unless he is barking at a stray cat or the squirrels we feed. He never, but never has had an accident in the house and can sleep 10 hours straight without needing to go outside.

He is scared to death of lightening and loves to eat, so right now he is a tad bit overweight. He loves to take walks but for the most part, I have been too lazy to do that. It's too hot in the summer and too dark when I come home in the winter, good excuses I tell him. And yes......I talk to him and no....he doesn't talk back. But when I cry he watches me and I know he wishes he could help.

I know that animals don't have souls and I know that everyone says that the pets we have here won't be in heaven and I truly do believe that. But it also says that the lion will lay down with the lamb and so I hope there will be the joy of all things that God has created in the new heaven and the new earth, including dogs!

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