Sunday, October 16


We call it the Lord's day, the day of worship, the Sabbath. It is all of these. It is a day that we set aside to assemble together and worship the Living God that we serve. We greet each other, sing together, and pray together. We confess our mutual faith aloud by the use of the Apostle's creed and we read the psalms aloud together. Those things speak to us of our unity in Christ Jesus and we rejoice in that unity.

We also listen to the Word spoken to us by the pastor and today was exceptional because we were reminded of the Work of the the Holy Spirit in our lives and sadly we don't hear that very often. The Holy Spirit who placed us into the Body of Christ and who teaches us about Christ, the Holy Spirit who convicts us of our sin and is our Comforter. The Holy Spirit who prays for us when we don't know what to pray for. The Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth.

Thank you Father for your merciful Gift of the Spirit to us, your children!

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