Tuesday, October 18

I am ungodly!!

I wonder at the casual reader who ran across a statement such as this if their jaw would drop open in amazement and think there was some confession to follow. Well....in this case that isn't the content of this post.

The content is the profound statement in the Word of God which addresses the title of this post and we find it in Romans 4:5:

"But to him that worketh not, but believeth on Him that JUSTIFIETH THE UNGODLY, his faith is counted for righteousness"

I am studying justification/righteousness and have been extremely blessed and renewed in this great doctrine. As Christians we never tire of hearing the Truth, the Truth we believe by faith...the Truth that tells us that God Himself justifies the ungodly......and He does that in Christ! God has justified me in Christ, through His death and ressurection and I believe that Truth by the faith that He has given me!

Therein lies my peace.


  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Good post. I have met "Christians" who seem to not understand their total depravity. I'll assume, as believers in the gospel, they will not be shocked by my admission of ungodliness. I have learned not to assume people claiming Christ actually know the gospel. I don't believe you can truly appreciate the impact of justification on your life if you don't understand your ungodly state.

  2. And I say Amen & Amen to your observations Andrea, especially the impact of justification! What a Truth!