Tuesday, July 5


Ecc 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

This portion of Scripture has always been comforting to me in every season of my life.
The seasons of joy, the seasons of hardships and grief and the seasons that simply linger as the days go by. Think back on the totality of your life so far and I know you will recognize what I am talking about. The interesting thing in the Scripture above is that there is a purpose to everything; it is God’s purpose for His creation, all of His creation.

Most often we don’t grasp the purpose but as believers we can know with certainty that every bit of it works for our good…………amazing thought isn’t it?

I spent a good many years blogging here and have loved every minute of it. The Lord used the writing and the study to grow me in the grace and knowledge of Him and I thank Him for that season.

When my husband of 38 years died almost 3 years ago I said that I would never remarry and at that time of course that was the way I thought and felt. It was my season of grief and widowhood. I remember the admonitions of the Apostle Paul when he said in his judgment a widow would be happier remaining a widow but that she was also at liberty to marry and I always thought that would be me. But then the Lord gave me different thoughts and different feelings and I desired to be a wife again, to be a help meet, to love a man and to be loved by him in return. I had a desire again to have intimacy and someone to tend to and someone to care for.

And so today I have a new season………….a new marriage, someone to walk this journey with again and I’m thrilled, pleased and so thankful. I probably won’t be around much but I guess we never really know what tomorrow will bring do we? In the meantime……………..

Blessings to all,
Grace and Peace!

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