Monday, August 2

Some More Stuff!

What a great band of the 70’s and 80’s; Journey. I was trying to think back to how I listened to rock & roll when I was married to my cowboy who listened to country and I can’t remember. I probably listened to it while he was out doing his work and I was in doing mine. He never did like ‘my’ music although I grew very fond of country

I can’t believe it’s been two months since I’ve been here. I’ve been busy at work and at home and out and about a bit more often with friends and family so it’s been a nice summer. I went to the wedding of a young woman who I watched grow up in the church. It was a sweet day to hear them commit themselves to one another and to the Lord, what a blessing it was, plus we had a blast dancing away at the reception! We have had a hot, hot month when everything seemed to burn up and the last couple of weeks we have had some nice rains, thank you Lord.

The social network facebook has been quite interesting this summer as it seems it has become the place for Christendom to discuss the implications of the Gospel. So I read and glean and read and answer and read and get mad and read and laugh sometimes at some of the absurdities. Oh Christendom, Oh Christendom!!

I’m thankful though for facebook as I have met many wonderful Sovereign Grace Baptist believers and several pastors who are willing to minister to those who are outside the institutional church, especially with Sermon DVD’s.

I’m still reading Kohlbrugge and reading “The Poor Man’s NT Commentary” by Robert Hawker among a few other books that are stacked up and it’s all good reading.

I’m headed to Kentucky in September with my dearest friend and her girls for a Gospel conference and I’m really looking forward to it, Lord willing of course. Two and a half days of hearing the Gospel message face to face from Gospel preachers, what a blessing it will be.

Hope to be back blogging soon but I trust that if it is to be, it will be!

Grace and Peace!

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