Saturday, April 24

Spring Stuff!

Well spring has finally arrived after a long winter. It has been a wet one and I am thankful. After so many years in a drought situation you treasure each drop of moisture even though it causes all the typical hardships…mud, chilly temps, dirty dog feet and well you get the picture. Usually I have to warm up the carburetors with my hair dryer on my mowers but this year they both started up first try, one for the lawn, one for the weeds. Speaking of weeds I’m planning on pulling some out of the flower beds today! Guess I’ll have to wear my coat!

Currently it is the most stressful time at my job that I have ever experienced and I wonder sometimes if I should retire or go on. The older you get the harder it is for new challenges and changes and I’m not sure about my mindset. Is it “I can’t do this” or “I don’t want to do this” so I’m trusting that the Lord will direct my thoughts and steps. Boy do I miss my husband right now. He would encourage me and talk with me and it always helps to have that input.

Every time I go out I hear the doves and I’m reminded of our time on the ranch. I love how sounds can transport you to special places and those places become vivid again. Thank you Lord for the reminders.

I’m working on a blog about the ‘rule of grace’. It is always kind of interesting to me how those thoughts come about and then they start to gel and come together and it feels as if I’m compelled to write them down. My time is limited right now to work on it continuously with the yard work ahead but I jot a note here and there. I get excited when I read the Word and Scripture just moves on the page and it grips you in it's truth and power. Thank you Lord for the written Word!

Grace and Peace!

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