Sunday, March 21

Raising Your Hand!

We raise our hand over the course of our lives in many ways don’t we? We usually start in school when we want to ask a question or even give an answer and the teacher calls upon us to do so. We give the thumbs up when we like something and this gesture implies one thing and the thumbs down implies something different.

It is one thing to be called upon but it is quite another to raise your hand and admit an error, any kind of error. I, like all of mankind find admitting an error hard to do. It goes against our pride or our desire to be well thought of but at the same time I have found in the long run it is the easiest and the best to do. Thank you Lord for teaching me that.

I used the word “timeless” in a discussion about eternity and eternal things and I used it in complete ignorance and in an unknowing way. I certainly have never believed that eternity is timeless nor do I believe that God does not work out His decrees in time.

Because of the use of that word a young man has misrepresented the teaching of godly men and for that I have publicly apologized which I am also doing here. I myself learned that there is an actual doctrine that teaches timelessness and that is what these godly men have been accused of. I hope that his Christian integrity will show forth in his retracting any statement applied in the wrong way.

I raised my hand!

Grace and Peace!

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