Sunday, January 24

Sunday Stuff!

The choice of the song is related to the already pre spring windy days that we have had and the actual tumbleweeds that drift along just as the song says; right into my yard. The song is a nice tune and one that surely everyone recognizes but there isn’t anything nice about tumbleweeds. I sure hope they aren’t as bad as two years ago; it was a never ending cycle. Carry them to the alley, stomp them down over and over so they wouldn’t blow into the neighbor’s yard, but of course they did anyway. I watched my neighbor go out in the night and fork them into the wind so that they would blow further south but I don’t imagine they went very far. They just stopped at the next fence or tree or whatever blocked their drifting along and then they became someone else’s problem. Not a nice thing to do to your neighbor, right?

Today would have been our 40th Wedding Anniversary; we hoped we would be able to celebrate it together. But it wasn’t to be so I’ll think of the celebrations years past and be thankful for the years we did have.

I’ve never minded hand me downs, my mom used to give me wonderful work clothes and I loved them. She had classy taste. I have new to me furniture and I’m really thankful for it. I always wanted leather furniture but didn’t think that would be a wise way to spend, especially now that my income isn’t what it used to be with hubby gone. I went over to my friend’s house here in town to deliver a baby shower gift and guess what? Yep she had leather furniture that she wanted to get rid of and so it now looks really, really good in my living room. My family wanted a love seat (I gave them mine) and so all around everyone is pleased. It wasn’t a need, it was a want but I thank the Lord for providing it.

I’ve had that nasty virus and have been so swamped at work with year end that I haven’t even had time to think of blogging. It will be very busy at least through February, I hope that it will settle down after that.

Still ready for spring!

Grace and Peace!

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