Sunday, January 3

It's Stuff!

I received this CD for Christmas, what a remarkable voice! I’m sure everyone knows the fairy tale story of Susan Boyle, she did dream a dream and here she is with her first CD which is already a best seller. With her first appearance on the talent show she was laughed at and ridiculed, what a sad testimony of what people put stock in! Go Susan!

We don’t know what the New Year will bring to each of us do we? Thankfully we know that whatever comes comes by the Hand of the Lord. I wonder if we stop often enough to understand the privilege it is to be a believer, especially knowing that believing is not a work that we can do, it is a gift, a gift that not everyone is given! I’m reminded of a stanza from one of my favorite songs in the Trinity Hymnal, #271:

“Why was I made to hear thy voice, and enter while there’s room”?
We know that only sheep hear their Shepherds voice and that is because we are vessels of His mercy.

My dear friend and I were to go to California the end of January for a Gospel Conference that is held twice a year but because of work conflicts I can’t go. Hopefully we can go in July; it would be warmer then for sure. I’m a native born California girl (I know, I know nothing to brag about) but I was sure hoping to see the ocean again.

I hope and pray for all those that I love, especially the saints, that if you are estranged from a brother or a sister or a friend that this year might bring about reconciliation. We, as saints, are reconciled to God by Jesus Christ and He has peace with us and we are accepted in the Beloved. I hope we can each find peace and acceptance with one another.

I’m working on the last part of 1 Corinthians 1:30, redemption but I’ve been really sick, so hopefully soon!

I finally found some sugar free juicy fruit gum………can’t you just smell it and taste it? Ummm, I love juicy fruit!

Happy New Year! 2010

Grace and Peace!

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