Friday, November 27

More Stuff!

This is a great band, great song! I like to listen to different kinds of music, it's one of the joys of hearing. I can't imagine being deaf and never hearing the sounds that we take for granted. Do you have favorite sounds? If I had to choose a favorite sound I think it would have to be the honk of geese flying overhead as they are flying in formation. I've been known to pull over on the side of the road to watch and to listen, what a beautiful sight and sound. God has given us all things to enjoy, thank you Lord that I have the gift of hearing.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I did the cooking. It was our favorite holiday, my husband's and mine so I missed him terribly. I missed him getting into the stuffed celery before it was completed and the olive dish and I missed my brother in law enjoying the meal. But we had a really fun day, eating and playing lots of games, it was truly a nice day! Thank you Lord for family!

It's that time of the year at work.............decorate for Christmas, have cider and donuts all month at the bank and try really, really hard to not eat the donuts. Hmmmm, will I be successful this year as in year's past? Seems like once you have one then you just want another, or so it seems.

I'm working on the continuation of my 'sanctification' post, hopefully it won't take me as long as the first one.

Last night I watched 'Star Trek', it was really good especially since it had all the same characters in it. Reminded me of the good old Star Trekky TV days. Tomorrow, I'm mowing the lawn! Well, Lord willing of course!

Grace and Peace!

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