Monday, September 14

Vacation and Kohlbrugge!

Well, I am on vacation for the first time in 21 years without hubby here and it is very bitter sweet. But then all of life is bitter sweet isn’t it? I miss him, which is how simple it is.

Isn’t the moth thingy amazing? I took that picture the other day when I came home for lunch. He was on my step and I think he is disguised as a dried up old leaf. If he was on a tree or elsewhere I think it would work. Course maybe he fools who he is intended to fool, God made him that way after all.

This week the visiting pastor is supposed to be at my friend’s house and I’m looking forward to it. It will be such a blessing for us to have the Gospel preached face to face and to interact that way with those who love Christ. By request I’m making a lemon cheesecake to take along as I know we will fellowship in a meal.

I heard from the brother who has made it a labor of love to find the works of Dr. H. F. Kohlbrugge and he has started a publishing company. He is planning on a few more publications this year but to start off this wonderful endeavor there is in book form “Romans 7: A Paraphrase” and “I believe in the Holy Spirit”, both by Kohlbrugge. I ordered it, it has arrived and I’m slowly savoring my way through it and hope to do some blog posts on it. If you are interested in ordering it you can check it out here

I have a few little projects to work on the next two weeks, some visiting to do and of course there is always shopping. We (the fam) are going to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo next weekend, we haven’t been in years. It is a beautiful setting but will hold a few bitter sweet memories also. The last time we all went together our husbands were with us so I’ll remember that as I’m feeding the giraffes, our favorite thing to do.

I think for now I’ll go outside and start on those pesky weeds that grow in the cracks in the sidewalk and the street. Roundup, here I come.

Grace and Peace!

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