Thursday, September 11

Light & Fluffy!

I’m on vacation and I decided that I wasn’t going to be a cleaning madwoman like I was last year, so I’m actually a bit laid back this year. Now if you know me at all you know that is quite an accomplishment for me beings my co-workers call me a ‘type A’ personality or worse yet accuse me of being OCD. (Have you ever looked up the definition of OCD , well I’m definitely not that although now I’m being told that only an OCD would look up the meaning of OCD, go figure!) But you know what I always say……’be who you is’!

I joined Netflix and have been watching some light and fluffy romantic comedies and I can only stand so much of that so the next batch coming should be a bit meatier with thrills and action and maybe even a real story. You know the kind where you are literally sitting on the edge of your chair ready to jump up when the action is too intense and run into the other room (I actually do that). I’ve had a few recommendations along those lines such as “The Bourne” series and they are on my list. I watched ‘Luther’ the other night and loved that movie. Can we even begin to imagine taking on the whole RCC? Oh how the Lord used Martin Luther to return to us the Truth of ‘Sola Fide’, a truth that had been swept aside in the lies of the great apostasy.

I’ve also read some light and fluffy books compared to the deeper theological ones. “A Scandalous Freedom” was a good book about the radical nature of the Gospel. It is about the freedom we have in the Gospel, in Christ and those mind sets that stifle that freedom. Of course he isn’t talking about radical freedom to go out and sin just for the fun of it but he is talking about the radical freedom we have in knowing that our sins are forgiven and in being who we really are. He talked about the masks we all wear for others; even the masks we wear when we look at ourselves and how horribly bound we can be by them. Perhaps it is the mask of ‘religiosity’ or ‘superiority’ or ‘acceptability’ (in order to fit the mold) or an ‘I got it all together’ mask. Take them off he says, after all Jesus is the only one we need to please and He knows us without ANY masks and loves us still! We are ‘accepted in the Beloved’, what more do we need.

My BF invited me to join Facebook, what a hoot that has been. It has been very entertaining and lots of fun. It’s a great way to stay in touch with those you don’t hear from often or get to see and you can just drop them a little hi on their ‘facebook’ page. I love the internet for all the good and right reasons, don’t you? What a gift from God to us!

My BF and I also had pie and coffee the other day at Village Inn. We go to fellowship but the pie is awesome. We always talk of our current struggles, our trials and we usually shed a tear or two. But…………God! Where two or more are gathered in my name there I am in the midst and Christ is always there, comforting with His Word as we share it together in edification. We discussed the first chapter of Ephesians the other day and how we can know that everything we have is IN CHRIST! Oh amen and amen! See we don’t have to do- do- do to get- get- get, God has already given us ALL things in Christ.

I’ve painted a room or two, done some light cleaning and tomorrow I’m off to town to go shopping. I still have next week to do some visiting with the saints that I don’t see often and so I’m looking forward to that. My hubby and my dog are both happy that I’m home, I’m just not sure which one is the happiest……………prolly the dog!

Grace and Peace

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