Sunday, December 16

Covenants, Labels and Gathering!

I am shutting down here for a time, not long I hope. I am currently doing a study of the covenants in Scripture, for my own edification and understanding and so would like to devote my extra time to that endeavor.

We have this terrible habit of labeling Christians and yet I know it can also be somewhat helpful at times. We can then think we know where people are coming from in their understanding and interpretation of Scripture. But that can also be misleading. I currently do not have a label although you may be tempted, in your own mind, to put one upon me. That is ok though, I won’t be offended!

We are exhorted in the Scripture to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, but to exhort one another as we see the day approaching. (Hebrews 10:25) I do love to assemble with the saints and so I did that today, I assembled with a small group of believer’s known as Primitive Baptist, right here in my little town. They hold to the doctrine of election and predestination the same as I do, although they have some different ecclesiastical practices. That is about all I know currently and I hope to learn more as I ask.

However, this much I do know. We sang for 30 minutes from the hymnal, wonderful songs of the Gospel and of Christ without any instrumental help and the singing was truly a blessing and unto the Lord. It was interesting that the song leader had one of the young boys come up to lead the singing of several songs and I thought…..congregational participation and the training of the young.

Two different elders spoke out of the Scripture, both on the doctrine of election. They have a meal together and then do the same thing in the afternoon although I wasn’t able to stay today, I hope to the next time. They only meet the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month and so it is a place, for now, that I can assemble with brethren, hear the Word of God and worship corporately.

Thank you Lord!