Friday, November 23

The First Snow!

I took this picture this morning as I stepped out on the porch to see the first snow of the season, it was so pretty. It was cold and snowy most of the day, looks like the Indian summer is over.

We used to decorate this huge tree at Christmas time with big red bulbs and had to use a long pole with a hook on the end of it to accomplish that task. It's too big to do that now but it was always fun to drive down the street and see the tree lite up from 5 blocks away.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Snow!!??? Wow you are so so lucky! We only see snow in Oregon if we are lucky, it comes about every other year.. since we had it last year I am not expecting much this year. But ya never know.... I love snow enjoy it for me!! hehe Dont forget to build a nice big snowman! haha