Tuesday, October 30

Indian Summer!

I absolutely love an Indain Summer and this year that is our fall! It was 70 degrees here today and the same expected tomorrow. These two trees are the only ones in our yard that drop their leaves in the fall, the rest are of the evergreen type. Soon all the leaves will be gone and the trees and the bushes will be bare. I'm not fond of winter so I've already counted down to spring, about 4 months away. That doesn't seem so bad now does it?


  1. I love an Indian Summer, too. It has been nice here also, but windier than usual for the fall, I think. And I'm right there with you on winter. Only 4 months. Only 4 months. LOL

  2. We will have to WOO HOO together in 4 months, waiting for that first show of green.

    I grew up in San Diego so the average temp all year was 74 degrees, still seems perfect to me!

  3. haha yeah 4 months seems nice, I dont like winter either.. Oregon is usually pretty rainy and cloudy. Thanks tho to God its been more sunny lately. Very beautiful tree.. I love the red colors. so bright.