Friday, September 21


It’s just about that time, vacation is over and so it’s back to work on Monday, back to the stressful world of banking. This has been a grand time for me as the Lord was so good to let me have 2 weeks of doing exactly the things I wanted to do.

Amidst the painting, cleaning and keeping up with the yard I was able to spend time writing, study and blogging which the Lord uses to bless me in so many ways. I had lunch with church family twice and was blessed in the fellowship of likeminded believers; there is nothing quite like that fellowship in Christ.

Being home is such a treat when you work out of the home every day, my husband enjoys my presence and said he’d rather have me home fussing at him than gone…. :) I’ve spent many a vacation in the hospital while he was there for one thing or another and we didn’t have to do that this time, so thank you Lord.

I have family members that have lost their job just in the past month and so that makes me reflective on the blessing of my own job and gives me great cause to be thankful for it. I’m looking forward to seeing my fellow employees, sitting at my desk and doing the work the Lord has given me the ability to do.

So……….I’ll be around, just not as often!!


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  1. Back to the old grindstone, huh? Glad you enjoyed your time off!