Monday, September 10

Paint, 409 & Vince Gill!

I’m on vacation so I spent my day getting reacquainted with the title of the blog. I try and work the first week of my vacation and play the second, visiting church family usually. I painted two rooms on Saturday and painted the bathroom today. That is where I really got reacquainted with the 409, the SOS, etc. etc. etc.!

Working 9 hours a day leaves keeping a clean & spotless house a little far fetched and so I work like a whirlwind the first week of vacation cleaning. Take for instance the bathroom, today it’s painted and everything is clean down to, not only the door, but the doorknob along with the hinge on the toilet seat. Whew! It took all day and that’s where Vince Gill comes in to the picture.

I haven’t listened to country music in forever but today I had my MP3 player going all day and I decided on Vince, he’s a crooner, a good one and a baby face! Now country songs are always the same……..whisky and women which always leads to cheatin and heartache. Lovin’ two women at once and not knowing which bridge to cross, tossing and turning all night long and on the South Side of Dixie, why there’s women there that don’t treat you mean!! All the while you are takin’ one day at a time and the cowgirls drive your little heart insane!

But listen to the piano in the background, the fiddle and can’t you hear it now……the low soft voice that says…’s Johnny on the steel guitar, there’s nothing like it! The slow songs you croon along with and the fast ones you can just imagine doing that ole jitterbug although you know you won’t ever have the chance again. I tell ya, it kept me going all day!

Now tomorrow I don’t know, maybe it will be Rod Stewart or then again maybe Bocelli, now that’s poles apart, eh?


  1. I like Vince Gill too. Have fun on your vacation and don't work too hard!


  2. Thank you Carol, who'd ever think that cleaning can be fun!! :)

    I'm done painting, 2 more days of cleaning and then it's play time.