Thursday, December 28


I have some, gadgets that is! Electronic ones at that too. I guess I have finally come forth into the 20th century, oh wait though, is it the 21st century now? I’m not sure but these electronic gadgets are really wonderful and I have two new ones.

My husband, who is housebound, has the TV on continually as that provides a measure of comfort with noise and companionship for him. I can hardly stand TV other than for the news and a few favorite programs and except for playing DVD’s could actually live without one. Now that I think about it I guess a DVD player is just a big gadget, along with the computer etc.

But these 2 new ones I have are in the little hand held category, one of them is a MP3 player so that I can listen to music anytime I want to. It is absolutely grand because you aren’t limited to just one CD, instead you can shuffle all your songs and be surprised with each new tune. So I have spent considerable time ripping (new terminology too) my CD’s to my computer and synchronizing them to my player. I have done 41 so far and that includes my Christmas music so I will get to listen to that all year long instead of just getting out those CD’s at Christmas time. Honestly, it just picks me up as I am doing dishes, cooking, cleaning house or even playing on the computer. My husband cracks up at me frequently because when I'm listening, I'm either singing, dancing around to the rock and roll ones or raising my hand when there is one that stirs my soul. I'm so thankful for it!

I also have a GoBible, another little hand held electronic gadget with the entire bible on it. It has ear plugs but also has little miniature speakers that you can attach and listen that way too. I listened to the book of Romans (my favorite) last night and found that most of the time I could recite along with the verses. I was tempted to get the KJV, because of the flow of the language, but stayed with the NKJV since I use that now to study. I even previewed the speaking voice so I would know if it was enjoyable or not… is! What a wonderful way to think on things true, honest, just, pure and lovely!

I wonder what is next!

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  1. Welcome to the 21st century and all its modern techno!!! :)