Tuesday, June 6

Thanks Puddy!

My friend Ashley (here) has instructed me on how to link in my blog, I'm excited...(yes, my life is very boring!) My pastor used to always tell me, boring is good Eileen and for the most part I think he was right. I haven't had much to say lately, summer time keeps me busy with the yard work.

She also taught me how to upload a picture too and although I don't have many because I'm about as outdated as you can get (I don't have a digital camera), I'm going to try and post my favorite picture that I have on all my computers, the one at home and at work. It is a black and white picture of the road leading down to the beach in San Diego taken in 1968......I grew up in San Diego and it just always brings me great memories to look at this picture. Makes me remember my mom and us girls when we were younger, the year round pleasant weather (we never wanted to come in from outside playing) and oh how I loved the sound of the waves breaking and looking for sand dollars. I think most people call that 'the good ole days'. Uh oh, I'm showing my age!

Thanks Puddy, pretty simple!


  1. Your very Welcome!!!

  2. Looks great Eileen. Love the photo. You can get photos from free websites too.

    Enjoy your new found knowledge - but remember your blog is called "Simplicity" don't go too crazy now, otherwise you might have to change your blog the name ;)