Saturday, December 3

A trying week!

It has been a trying week for me. There have been many changes at work which affect my department and staff and change is always trying. New routines and new workloads keep piling on and since I believe that God has provided me with this job, for which I am thankful, I take it seriously and work at it diligently. It wears me out mentally, which in turn causes me to be physically tired and yes......I admit, a tad bit crabby at times!

I am a caregiver for my housebound husband who is still able to care for himself physically for the most part but needs me in ways he never did before, such as relying on me to make the decisions, seeing to his needs, even the emotional ones such as assurance of my continued love amidst the hardships. I point out to him that love is truly an action, not a feeling, and my actions should give him rest. I hope that they do!!

I am burdened for a friend who is being tried with the illness of her dad as it looks to be terminal now and beyond much treatment. It is hard to lose our parents and when I lost my mom I remember my pastor telling me....yes, it is hard eileen and that is why we only have to do it once. So I know she is suffering and I have wept with her.....weep with those who weep we are commanded to do and it has been a privelege to do that with her!

My greatest trial this week came at bible study when I thought the teacher alluded to something that undermined the very foundation of my faith in Christ......justification by faith alone!!! It was a statement made in context of a different subject and I think the trial came, for me, in having the courage to write to him and ask him. Seems so simple, doesn't it? It never has been that simple for me, although I am learning and could do nothing else but ask in this instance. I wonder if that hesitancy is a leftover fear from my idolatry issues. Perhaps I won't ever know all the reasons but I am so very thankful to God for giving me courage to write and ask, for the kindness of the response and the rest I now have in knowing that we hold to the very same foundational Truth!

I learned a different lesson too......I hope to let my own yeas be yeas and my nays be nays because I realized, in a personal way, that what we say can have such an affect on those around us and I hope to be cautious with my words, Lord willing please!

Have a great Saturday and I am still working on Scriptures regarding the great truth of redemption in Christ Jesus, it has been a true joy to study! Hope to post soon on that subject!

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  1. It's always heartening for me to see others maintaining faith and wisdom in difficult times. And I'm glad things worked out with you and Andy. Hang in there!