Monday, December 19

A letter from AW Pink

O how infinitely worthy of our constant thought,
meditation, study and love,
is the blessed One who died that we might live!
the Lord of glory
descending into unfathomable shame!
The Giver of all blessing being made
a curse for us!
Well may we pause and wonder,
marvel, worship.
But blessed be his name, the cross did not end all:

“It was not possible he should be holden of death’
He rose in triumph from the tomb,
ascending on high,
and took his place at God’s right hand.


For his own comfort, peace, or joy?
No – ‘whither for us the forerunner hath entered’
We engage all his thoughts!
Our interests are his one concern.
Nor is that all.
Heaven will not fully Heaven be to Christ
till he has all his redeemed with himself.

Not content with having gone to prepare a place for us
He is coming back to receive us unto himself,
That where he is there may we be also.

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    happy birthday

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