Saturday, November 12

Mental Disturbance!

I read a definition of ‘emotion’ recently that made me chuckle and to agree, in part! The author called emotions ‘a mental disturbance’. I have shared that with several and some have taken offense at his definition because it is God who has given us emotions. Well, I agree certainly that God has given us emotions and we can rejoice in them and they are of a benefit to us, rightly used.

I think he is talking about those times when our emotions get the better of us and we are lacking in self control. I’m sure each and every one of us has reacted in anger when we shouldn’t have and I have done so intensely. If you think about it for a moment, doesn’t that ‘feel’ like a mental disturbance? I have been so overtaken by fear (a total momentary lack of faith) and if not checked by the Truth it truly can be a mental disturbance.

I have to balance my emotions when I gaze upon those I love in this life, my family, my fellow saints in the Lord, my friends so as to not cause a mental disturbance. The greatest emotion for me is when I gaze upon the Lord Jesus Christ in total adoration and even in this, the sweetest, I must have some balance.

So I came away with my own understanding of his statement and the other day at work when I was frustrated and on my way to an angry afternoon I remembered his definition and told myself….uh oh, I’m having a mental disturbance and I laughed so hard that…poof, the anger and frustration was gone, go figure, eh?

Have a great Saturday afternoon!

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