Wednesday, October 12

Forums and Blogs!

I am relatively new to the internet, forums and blogs! I have enjoyed one forum for over a year and a half now.....There is alot of controversy over there at times, at times it is quiet. Sometimes they talk about about things that generally people are afraid to talk about in the Christian world and I don't agree with all that is promoted, nor am I expected to. But the one thing I have truly enjoyed is the freedom to ask any question and have someone attempt to answer me, regardless of what the question might be.

So that part has been a very good experience. I have learned a great deal from asking those questions that I have always wanted to ask and by reading in general what others are talking about. And the focus on the GOSPEL is intense and rewarding! I hope that I have made some friends there, I know of two specifically, but that is what happens in this medium of communication. It's a come and go with no commitment and I like commitment!

With this blogging I have it all figured out :)'s just a place to write down what your thoughts are someplace besides paper, especially inviting for those who like their computers and I'm one of those..

So who knows........maybe I'll meet some new friends here and we can share the riches that are in Christ Jesus to our hearts content and then again.....maybe not!

Deo Valente, of course!

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